There are three ways to earn on our platform namely: Investments, Referral, and Affiliate. Simply register as either an affiliate and bring people to us, or as an investor and get a referral link.
To deposit, log into your Secured account, select any of the payment methods,enter the amount you want to deposit, and copy the link for payment. Once you have made your payment, submit the payment proof back on the site and await confirmation. Alternatively, you can scan the Barcode and make payment, upload the payment proof and await confirmation.
It takes about an hour to get your payment confirmed. If you want it to be faster, you might as well open a Ticket from your dashboard, or chat up one of our staff through the Live chat.
An automated email is sent to you the moment your payment has been approved; that is if you set your account to receieve notifications.
Withdrawals of fund is open only on working days. That does not mean that you cannot make withdrawal requests on holidays,weekends etc. However, we only process those orders on working days, meaning that you might have to wait longer than usual if you request for a withdrawal on a holiday,weekend etc.
To withdraw your funds, you need to write a mail to us with your account details such as email,username, current Balance, and the amount to withdraw. If your Account balance is not below the amount requested, you will get your fund within three working days. Note that the details to send the fund must be included in the mail with your signature, National Identification Card(Passport can be used). This process is to enable us verify that it is the account owner that is requesting for the fund.
To recover your account ensure you have access to your registered email address. Navigate to Forgotten Password page, input the registered email address and follow the instruction to reset your password.